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24 Mar 2020

The latest recommendations and restrictions for managing COVID-19 are forever being updated as our current circumstances evolve. These changes are occurring rapidly and have resulted in the following operational changes being made in managing the business.

Office Hours:  For the time being we will be in the office for the reduced hours of 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.  We will be working from home every afternoon and therefore contactable by phone from 1pm to 5pm Monday to Friday.
If you come into the office, we ask that for your own safety, you respect the social distancing rules of 1.5 – 2m from the desk wherever possible.

Payments:  Cash and EFTPOS payments will no longer be accepted at the office.
However, payments can continue to be made by bank transfer into our bank account, or by deposit into our bank account at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank.   Our bank account details are on each invoice sent out.
Alternatively, you can ring us on 0266858349 with credit card details.  If you ring in the afternoon, please remember that we will be working from home, and therefore may not know your storage shed number or the exact amount owing, so, when you ring, please make sure you know your storage shed number (including the letter – A, B, C, D, E, F or T) as well as the amount to be paid. This information is also on each invoice sent out.

Email:  Communication by email will also continue, however, emails received after 1pm will not be read or acknowledged until the next working day.

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